Interview with Bergsøy TV

During yesterday’s training, Bergsøy TV (BTV) made me an interview leaded by Thomas Sporsheim.

Here is the link to the interview: Rafa om fysisk tilstand

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-28 a las 2.29.45

For all the people who does not speak Norwegian, there is an English transcription below and my comments of the interview.


TATS: “Rafael soon in February, what would you say about the physical condition of the players?”

Rafa: “I think all the players are in a good level in January, we are in our third week of trainings, I think even the players are in a good condition, we have to do more, but I think we are in a good way for the start of the season” 

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-28 a las 2.28.42

TATS: “What about Yo-Yo test?” 

Rafa: “Yes we did the Yo-Yo test last week and we will do it again in two or three weeks to see the progression of the players, but yes, we are in a good moment”

TATS: “Who would you say is the best trained player?”

Rafa: “Not best trained, but with better condition, it was Eirik Heltne with around 3300, and that is good, that means he was also training during Xmas holidays. But the best for the players is to play FOOTBALL. Physical training is so important also but more important to train on the pitch” (With this I wanted to mean to integrate the physical training into the game, remember for the game to the game)

TATS: “As a physical coach, what you think it is the most importan for the FOOTBALL players?

Rafa: “For FOOTBALL players it is really important stamina, also the resistance to sprint, Repeated Sprint Ability (RSA) but trying to involve the ball as much as possible, because at the end there are not athletes, they are FOOTBALL players. What I want for them it is to be ready for the FOOTBALL season”

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-28 a las 2.29.13

TATS: “So sprints over short distances”

Rafa: “Yes, that is the most important in FOOTBALL nowadays. The actions that make the differences, are short actions, high intensity, high speed, and that is what we are training”


TATS: “Big hopes for this year season?”

Rafa: “Yes, for this season I think we will have a very good season, it will be difficult because only 5 teams will stay in 3.div cause all the changes from NFF and so on, but, I think we are in a good way for this season. We have today two players in a trial, we will have 2-3 players more in trial in the next weeks, so I think we will have a strong team, strong squad and that is the most important”


In the transcription of the interview writing FOOTBALL, I want to make clear my philosophy in physical training for FOOTBALL, everything has to be focus on football as a main priority and that is what I think in every exercise I purpose for my players.

Of course there are many exercises and training that should be made isolated, but, that in my opinion, should be done outside the field, even more when your training time is limited in some categories. The importance to train football and integrated the physical training into it become esencial.




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