Benefits of alternative trainings.

Picture during the session.

In this post, we are going to talk about the benefits of alternatives trainings for football.

In this category of trainings are include all the things we can do with all the group together far from the football pitch and where the focus is not to work in anything specific for football.

When are these trainings more interesting?

I would say this kind of training are really interesting during the preseason, when, even if there are training games, the competition is still far away (specially in Norway with a preseason of 10 weeks) or during the trainings camps (treningsleir in Norwegian)

What are the reasons to have an alternative training?

In long periods without competition games (league or cup) players sometimes start to be to eager for games an the wait until the games is so long, so this type of trainings help the players to be focus in something else than football when they are with the teams.

Other reason, here in Norway, is the weather conditions: snow, rain, wind,… that can make impossible to practice on the football field and make you plan these trainings.

Simply, you want to have a training totally different from football, to see the behavior of the players outside football clima, and try to identify possible groups inside the team and if there is something that needs the action of the coach group.

Benefits in terms of physical condition:


In this field the benefits are clear:

Working the general physical condition of the players with almost none injury risk.

Last Saturday it was organized in my team, Bergsøy IL, a spinning session because of the weather conditions during Tor’s storm, the goal of this training was simple:

Keep working to reach the goals of the physical preparation at this stage of the preseason, and have a different session where the players also do not have to be focus 100%

In my opinion the session was quite positive and it is something that for sure will be repeated in the future, not only spinning, but with other alternative trainings.

Spinning instructor for one day.


And you, any ideas and why you use alternative trainings?




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