End of the preseason.

Preseason 2016:

45 team training sessions. 67,5 h. 4050 min. 243.000 sec.

12 individual training sessions.

7 friendly games.

1 NM Cup game.


And tomorrow we will play finally the last friendly game (vs Skarbøvik) before the start of the competition, probably the most exciting 3rd Division in Norway in many years.


Now it is moment to make a revision of all the process of training since the first training (7th of January) until the last training (1st of April) and in my case, focussing on the conditional part of football.

We have had a preseason without injuries with extreme period of time out of the pitch, the most important has been a hamstring injury of grade II (around 3 weeks off) which is in the last moment of the recovery, with the player training at the same conditions as the rest of the squad and probably back 100% on tomorrow’s game, so the goal of have the player totally available for the coach at the first league game.

During the preseason the club has got an amazing device to help to control the players both in trainings and games, it is the GPS Track System, PLAYERTEK, which helps me and allows me to have almost a perfect control of our trainings and also, really importan, the games.

Players with the 5 devices available during the preseason.
Players with the 5 devices available during the preseason. 

In the image you can see the players wearing the vest that contents the pod on the back.

The system allows me to collect all the data of the players in terms of distance, sprints, impacts, energy, sprints distance, power plays,… All these datas permits me to analyze every single training and game and observe if we are reaching our physical goals during the sessions and if there is any anomaly that can means any possible risk of injury or lack of condition in our players.

The adaptation to the system was really easy, because the vests do not disturb the players during the practices and for me it is really simple to get the data and the value of them is really important.

Also Bergsøy as a club has been the first club in Sunnmøre to use the PLAYERTEK system and some other clubs like Hødd are also trying at this moment the device, this fact means that the club is working in the right direction to achieve the goal of the season.

Jordan Blinco with PLAYERTEK at Høddvoll.  Picture: Arne Flatin.
Jordan Blinco with PLAYERTEK at Høddvoll.
Picture: Arne Flatin.

In terms of physical conditioning the guys are ready, but as I always say, Football is not just physical conditioning, if that was the case athletes would be the best players in the world, so it is time to the first part of the season, 9 weeks and 15 matches in front of us to reach the goal of the season.


Stay tuned, this is just the start of something good this year.


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